Monday, March 8, 2021



FG throws lavish event to launch COVID-19 vaccines in Nigeria

Neither the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 nor the NPHCDA officials, health workers present to receive the vaccine jabs, maintained social distancing.


Made in Aba: What Senator Abaribe has that others don’t

For so many in leadership positions in Nigeria, leadership is about greed soaked in platitudes.

Why Biden embraces Nigerians and shuns Buhari

President Biden appreciates Nigerians but has nothing but stone-cold disdain for the inert, isolated mannequin in Aso Rock that pretends to be Nigeria’s “president.”

The trouble with several Igbohos and a nation for hire

The looming full-blown chaos in Nigeria, including the hotchpotch of misfits in the incumbent government, is the nemesis of the gatekeepers of our democracy who have slumbered for too long.

Hope Uzodinma, Rochas Okorocha and the rot in the East

We have to contend with watching the Lilliputians of the East take on the constitution-backed Gullivers who lord it over them.

Top seven expressions you didn’t know we owe to Black America

The contributions that African Americans have made to global English also owe debts to the enduring influences of their (West) African origins.

Dr. Junaid Mohammed and the trouble with Fulanis

We hope more people will choose Junaid Mohammed’s path of jaw-jaw and not the war-war option.